woensdag 3 oktober 2012

Muziektiendaagse (7)

Dad van K's Choice verdient een groot compliment. Het is klein en intiem gezongen en misschien komt het daarom wel zo krachtig en veelzeggend over. Iedereen heeft immers een vader.

K's Choice - Dad

I was a kid, you were my dad

I didn't always understand

I wanted freedom, you got mad

You were concerned, I got upset

I didn't recognized you yet

And did you cry, I know I did

when I lied to you

I didn't want to hurt you

I just never knew I did

You never told me that you loved me

I know you didn't know how

I guess that shows we're much the same

'cause I love you too and until now

I never said those words out loud

I hope you're proud

to be my dad

What are you secrets, do you pray

Is there a God that shows your way

I wish I knew

Do you have crazy fantasies

What happens in your dreams

I want to know

I guess you'll always be a mystery to me

but you thought me how to value life

and what else do I need

I have a dad who watches over me

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